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Inspired Wings of Wellness & Soul Growth

  "  My gift

is to beautify the world around me. I believe beauty is cultivated first from one's roots within, to then flourish into a beautiful way of being and living in one's outer world."

With LOVE. Always,



I am the published Poet, Writer, Inspirational & Empowerment Speaker, Introspective Transformation Coach, Creative Designer, Beauty Stylist& Founder of The Twiggy Mother - Imparting my insights to inspire others to live soulfully empowered. An artist at heart, I found myself painting with words to make beautiful nonsense of my life and live to beautify the world around me.

I've emerged a renewed woman setting a new root system for how I plan to raise my young family. I'm rebuilding after the rubble of years-long conditioning shedding off of my soul, it serving as the catalyst to my inner phoenix rising from the very ashes that sought to bury me. Writing was my "mind-Savior" in giving me the outlet to pave my way back to a stronger sense of self so that I'm now able to paint my life in a way that makes beautiful nonsense to me.

As an ever-evolving woman growing through womanhood & motherhood, grab that warm, toasty mug swirling with creamy goodness, and nestle on up beside me on my branch as we grow in this together.


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Certified Motivational Speaker & Certified Life Coach.

Member of the International Organization of Professional Motivational Speakers & Member of the International Organization of Professional Life Coaches.

Certified in Philosophy & Psychology Courses from the accredited

International Association of Professions Career College.

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WE ARE CHAFFEE: Looking Upstream Podcast

Host Adam Williams

Episode 49

Thuy Nguyen, on self-empowerment & breaking free from a cult-like religion, overcoming postpartum depression, choosing gratitude & the pursuit of joy

Host Adam Williams @humanitou
Community @wearechaffeepod
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Featured in Indie Earth Publishing House's Anthology

GLOW : Self-Care Poetry For The Soul

Watering Your Roots

Written by Thuy Nguyen


It’s that kind of day where dark clouds loom overhead,

& you are achy, exhausted & the only way is rolling out of bed.


Have your cry, but go on.


The tasks are insurmountable reaching up to the sky;

However do you even begin to reach that high?


Have your cry, but go on.


The world beats down upon your shoulders,

pebbles are placed atop your heap & wears you down in the burdens as heavy as boulders.


My dear, have your cry, but go on.


You dodge the stones they throw while watching you from afar bearing such heavy weights;

their efforts to trample you down to stay low in hates.


Have your cry, but now, look up.


The beauty of being trampled on to such a low, makes way for you to cultivate the inner strength to grow —

upwards, despite blow after blow.


Have your cry, but now, look down.


All your tears wept seeped into the soil below to water your roots deep, nourishing your seeds to soon sow.


Cry no more, & see with purified eyes all that you have become.


You can only look down at the soil that kept you grounded through all of those storms — because you bloomed into the sturdy tree that you now are, by continually standing tall against the norms.


You have bloomed, my dear, from every tear shed into the well that nourished your soul to become so deeply rooted.


So yes, go on & have your cry, but now from your deep inner well —

of joy, peace, & abundance derived from such a season of hell.


May we all become transformed through our hellfires —

for this makes way for our inner phoenixes to rise from the ashes.

With LOVE. Always,


Available at Barnes & Nobles and Amazon

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"Your life is as beautiful as your mental & spiritual wellness.

Nourish it well."

With LOVE. Always,


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